Christian Drosten: Actually We Don't Have a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Germany's Fauci with more awkward late-stage narrative adjustments.

Christian Drosten, Germany’s foremost Corona astrologer, has a big interview today in Der Zeit, in which he says some remarkable things:

Right now there’s a narrative that I think is completely false – the pandemic of the unvaccinated. We don’t have a pandemic of the unvaccinated, we have a pandemic. And we have people who are still very much at risk, the older unvaccinated. Among the over 60s, we only have an 86 percent vaccination rate of fully vaccinated, that’s crazy, that’s really dangerous. …

Drosten is generally at the forefront of Corona messaging in Germany, and here we have a preview of the propaganda to come. It turns out that as long as you keep talking about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” boosters for everyone is a hard sell. And the vaccinators really want to start selling those boosters now, because this is happening:

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