Welcome to the Eugyppian Journal of Conspiratorial Virology, Plague and Sorcery

Essays of Incoherence and Insanity

This journal will consider the hidden evils that have always haunted man, and endeavour to take seriously certain longstanding, neglected, seemingly impossible and fanciful theories about these evils and their origins.

We will inquire into conspiracy theories of the Coronavirus, and ponder to what degree our knowledge of its dynamics and spread have been manipulated by scientists and politicians.

We will study 17th-century plague-spreading witches in Switzerland.

We may find occasion to propose new, dissident conspiracies of one or two pandemic flus.

We will investigate a series of plots to assassinate King Philip IV of France via image magic.

We may condescend to survey old conspiracies of the 2003 SARS outbreak.

We will take seriously contemporary allegations that the madness of King Charles VI of France was inflicted through the sorcery of his younger brother, Louis I of Orléans.

We will look into many historical maladies that appear to have entirely vanished, such as choreomania, or hysteria-induced paralysis.

We will examine historical accounts of ritual child murder in Norwich and Trent, and mythologies surrounding the witches’ sabbath.

There will be only thirteen issues. Please consider subscribing.