From November: Paid Subscription Option

And more free content too.

It’s a tremendous honour that so many of you read my work and find it informative. As you know, my email list has grown tremendously over the past month, and for the first time I’ve seen my arguments gain traction in circles far beyond the ones I inhabit.

What I want most of all, is to produce more, and realistically, the best way to do that is to activate paid subscriptions. Over the next weeks, I’ll begin to post more regular essays, probably two or three pieces a week: A mix of news and science commentary, and also the occasional non-Corona essay. My highest-impact, best work will always be free, but beginning in November, one post every week — probably on Fridays or Saturdays — will be exclusively for paid subscribers. In October, I’ll begin to preview the kinds of posts my subscribers can expect.

If you’re interested in subscribing, I’d be grateful for your feedback: What kind of exclusive content would you like to see?

I can envision an informal weekend podcast, where I answer questions or discuss matters of interest to you. In real life, I am an academic, a professor of premodern history / philology, and so I could also see producing essays on topics in ancient history that might be of contemporary interest. Or, perhaps you would like more discussion of Corona policies and related issues in my country (Germany), with a focus on material and ideas not widely available in English.

Please comment and let me know what you think. I’ve been terrible about answering my emails (the email connected to my Substack account is absolutely swamped, and I come from a generation that is very bad about email in general), but if you want to write privately, I’ve set up a dedicated address that I’ll certainly read:

Thanks for your support.