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Three recent articles on the American Corona pandemic.

While I work on some material, I hope you’ll have look at these articles on vaccines and the Corona pandemic in America, published by American Greatness and my friends at IM-1776.

Corporate Medicine: The Rot at the Core of the US Medical Establishment Exposed, by an anonymous American physician writing under the name Paracelsus, at IM-1776:

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the depths of mismanagement, incompetence, greed, and utter stupidity that pervades the American medical establishment — what I call Corporate Medicine. Yet Corporate Medicine, with the help of the Corporate Media, is trying to wave it away: “a one-in-a-lifetime event” and “we did the best we could… without us, it would’ve been so much worse.”

Before recent history is whitewashed, my purpose here is to explain that COVID-19 demonstrates how healthcare operates every day, not just during a pandemic.

Papers, Please: We need support from those in a position to rally mass strikes and acts of civil disobedience against vaccine passports before it’s too late, by Benjamin Braddock at American Greatness:

The public-health establishment has continued to utterly fail in every decision they’ve made to address a problem they created, doing nothing but repeating failed short-term interventions while ignoring the solutions that could actually crush this disease …

Nearly two years in and we have yet to hear the first thing from the government or media about the importance of getting in shape or cleaning up our toxic food supply. Instead, there is a near-total reliance on gimmicks, safety theater, and questionable pharmaceuticals. The only systemic effect these have is to boost the profits of drug companies and increase the power of those who seek to control and enslave. The latest of these is vaccine passports and mandates, the only effect of which has been to create a large population of vaccinated super-spreaders that put others at risk of infection. 

False Gods vs. Corona-Chan: Only a lunatic or a god thinks he can fight an “act of God” and win, by 17thCenturyShytePoster, also at American Greatness:

It is without any exaggeration at all I say that in the 21st century, every single people, with the possible but not certain exceptions of the Pirahã and the Andamanese, has become full of policy-obsessed hyperwonks who view their nations as nothing more than real-life World of Warcraft simulations, where every stat just needs to be min-maxed to beat the game (here meaning something like ushering in the End of History). Biden’s Acela-swamped cabinet, Vox/Slate/FiveThirtyEight journalists (really, all journos), the entire sociology department of everywhere that has a sociology department—a vast class of people has become nothing more than button-pushers. Slider-nudgers. Knob-tweakers. Dial-fiddlers. Whatever the problem, it can be eliminated by looking at it, measuring what’s causing it, and determining which way we need to adjust the sliders to make those causes vanish. 

You might also find this Intercept piece on molnupiravir of interest. Here’s a YouTube video that discusses the major problems with the vaccine trials. You know it all already, but it’s a soft, normie-friendly introduction to the things we’ve all been saying for months – good for sharing with friends and family who don’t know what’s going on. This pre-print (which I haven’t read thoroughly yet) provides more evidence of immune-escape variants specialising on the vaccinated: “The predominance of immune-evading variants among breakthrough cases indicates selective pressure for immune-resistant variants locally over time in the vaccinated population concurrent with ongoing viral circulation in the community.”

More soon.